by Heather LaPuma

Walt Disney World can be an absolute food lover’s paradise. There are plenty of delicious things to eat throughout all the resorts and parks. With all the walking that you will do on a Walt Disney World vacation, its normal to get hungry and need a snack. We often get asked about the best snacks around Walt Disney World so we’ve compiled this list of our Travel Agent’s favorite items that can be enjoyed as a snack.

Dole Whip Float

Dole Whip Float Ready to Enjoy!

Marisha – The Dole Whip Float!
Who doesn’t love this iconic dessert found in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom (and Disneyland!) and at Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort? This delicious treat consists of pineapple soft-serve (Dole Whip) in a cup of pineapple juice. Everyone should try this treat and it’s an iconic favorite loved by many. When Marisha’s daughter was two years old, she got her first taste of a Dole Whip and then finished the whole thing by herself! Marisha had to go get a new Dole Whip Float for herself.

The Mickey Rice Crispy treat - a true classic treat

The Mickey Rice Crispy treat – a true classic!

Amber – Mickey Rice Crispy Treats
One night on her honeymoon Amber and her new husband were getting ready to leave the the Magic Kingdom after a very long but awesome day. As they were leaving they found out the light parade was starting in 45 minutes and not knowing about the nighttime parade, Amber was instantly excited.   They found a great spot near town square and Amber’s husband went to grab a drink. When he returned he had a Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treat in hand for her. It was simple and delicious, the perfect treat to end a perfect day while watching the SpectroMagic parade. Now the sight of the Mickey Treat whisks her back to her honeymoon and Amber has to have one on every trip.

The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Brandi – Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar
Another iconic Walt Disney World treat is the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar. According to Brandi, nothing screams Disney like the Mickey Ice Cream Bar and a trip isn’t complete without enjoying one of these delicious Mickey shaped blocks of vanilla ice cream enveloped in delicious chocolate. The best is giving these to your kids and watching as the ice cream and chocolate gets smeared all over their face.

Dark-Chocolate dipped Pineapple at Hollywood Studios

Dark-Chocolate dipped Pineapple at Hollywood Studios

Leslie – Dark Chocolate Covered Pineapple
Leslie recently took a trip to Walt Disney World after switching over to a gluten-free lifestyle. In search of delicious options for treats, she stumbled upon the delicious combination of fresh cut pineapple dipped in dark chocolate.  It turned out to be one of her favorite new snacks of the trip. These can be found throughout the Disney Parks at the Confectionery on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom, at the Candy Shop at the Hollywood Studios, and with Caramel drizzled on it at the Karamell Kuche at Epcot.

Zebra Domes from the Mara Restaurant at Animal Kingdom.

Zebra Domes from the Mara Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

Coty – Zebra Domes
These delicious domes of mousse taste like nothing you have ever had… unless of course you have had one! They are made with Amarula Cream Liquor which is made from the African marula tree which gives them a coffee and kahlua like flavor. You can get them at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, either at the Boma Dinner Buffet or at the Mara Quick Service Dining location. According to Coty, these are divine. If you haven’t tried them yet, its time to venture over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and indulge in at least a few.

The No Way Jose Ice Cream dessert at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort near Epcot

The No Way Jose – Beaches and Cream

Janet – No Way Jose
This delicious treat can be found at the Beaches and Cream restaurant at the Beach Club Resort. Beaches and Cream is considered by many to be a hidden gem. They serve fun American food and desserts in a soda shop atmosphere. The No Way Jose is a peanut butter and hot fudge delight featuring chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate morsels, whipped cream and a cherry. But, you can also swap out the ice cream for different flavors. Janet’s favorite option is swapping out the vanilla for mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Kaki Gori dessert from Japan Pavilion at Epcot

Kaki Gori from the Japan Pavilion

Julie – Kaki Gori
The Kaki Gori treat might be confused by some as a snow cone, but it really can’t  be compared to a snow cone. This shaved ice treat is a popular item available at festivals throughout Japan and can even be found in restaurants. During the hot summer months they are virtually everywhere in Japan so it’s a natural addition to the Japan Pavilion kiosks at Epcot. You are able to choose the flavors that you want for your Kaki Gori with flavors like cherry, strawberry, lime, orange and more. For Julie and her family these are on the list for every visit in orange, cherry, and lime.

Ice Cream Cup from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom

Ice Cream Cup from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street

Keri – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor treats
Nothing takes away the pain of waiting for your favorite night time shows at the Magic Kingdom like delicious ice cream served up in one of many ways at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. You can get ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream cones and they even have rice ice cream available for those with dairy allergies. While the line can get pretty long, it moves quickly so don’t worry! Keri’s family loves to grab the treat of their choice while they wait for Wishes to start.

A mural in the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Downtown Disney

A mural in the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Downtown Disney

Courtney – Ghirardelli Sundaes and Treats
For the time when you aren’t going into the parks, one great location where you can enjoy the magic of Disney is in the shops and restaurants available at Downtown Disney. One of the favorite stops in Downtown Disney for many is the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain which is near the World of Disney Store at the Marketplace. Courtney loves to head to the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain to use up leftover snack credits at the end of her trip. They have sundaes and coffee drinks and lots of chocolate goodies available to enjoy.

The new Bakery Counter in France, Epcot by rickpilot_2000

The new bakery counter in France, Epcot

Brandy – Chocolate Croissant
One of the great things about a trip to Walt Disney World is visiting the World Showcase at Epcot where you can travel around the world in a day. For Brandy, this tour isn’t complete without a stop at the France Pavilion where she visits the Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie. While all of the items available at Les Halles are mouth-watering, her favorite item here is the Chocolate Croissant.

Funnel Cake Sleepy Hollow by Chuck Kramer

Cast Members create delicious Funnel Cakes to Order at the Sleep Hollow

Kari – Funnel Cakes
Funnel Cakes can be found in many locations throughout Walt Disney World. One of our favorites is the Sleepy Hollow which can be found just off the hub at the Magic Kingdom as you enter Liberty Square. With a view of the castle and a seating area away from foot traffic, this little nook is a great place to stop and refuel on a rigorous day of touring the Magic Kingdom. Kari says that Funnel Cakes are a favorite of hers. You can also catch this treat at the America Pavilion in Epcot, the Oasis Canteen at Hollywood Studios, and the Boardwalk Funnel Cake Kiosk at the Boardwalk Inn.

Karamell Kuche counter

Karamell Kuche counter at the Germany Pavilion

Heather – Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt
The Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt is my favorite snack item available in the Karamell Kuche at the Germany Pavilion at Epcot. It is a delicious and large Werther’s soft caramel covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with a hint of Sea Salt. The salt enhances the richness of the caramel making this my favorite item. There are also lots of other great caramel treats available at the Karamell Kuche like Caramel Crispy Treats and Caramel Cookies. Of course if you love caramel apples they are the BEST at this location.


My favorite snack at Disneyland Park!

My favorite snack at Disneyland Park!

BONUS TREAT – Disneyland Park – Matterhorn Macaroon
I couldn’t help but throw in a bonus treat that is only available on the West Coast at Disneyland Park. I cannot set foot in Disneyland Park without grabbing a Matterhorn Macaroon from the Jolly Holiday Bakery in the Hub. This treat, created in honor of the iconic Matterhorn mountain which towers over Disneyland Park is a delicious coconut macaroon cookie topped with a little snowy icing on top.