1. Why should I book with Tiggerific Travels?
We pride ourselves in customer service and will strive to make your vacation the most memorable one yet! With over 100 combined trips, our agents can help you plan every aspect of your vacation from your first dreams of a vacation until you walk back into your home. Not only do we help you book your actual vacation, but we can help you research your destination and provide assistance with booking meals, transportation, and your daily itineraries.

2. How is Tiggferific Travels different from other travel agencies?
As hinted at above, we have several ways to provide just a little extra pixie dust for all of our clients. Our travel agents were hand-selected by our agency owner for their experience in travel to many destinations. We are all experts in Walt Disney Travel Company Destinations and also many other destinations throughout the world. With our amazing attention to detail and our passion for helping our clients have a fantastic vacation, you are in good hands with our agents!

3. Can I still use Tiggerific Travels’ services if I already booked my vacation?
Yes! Contact us to discuss your personal details so we can get your trip transferred over to us. Out of professional courtesy, we will not transfer a trip if it has already been booked by another agency. If you are interested in our planning and itinerary-only services, please let us know as we can provide those services for a fee.

4. Will Tiggerific Travels book my airfare?
Yes! We only book airfare as part of a vacation package, but are happy to add that on to your trip!

5. Can Tiggerific Travels book other destinations?
Yes! We are a full-service travel agency! While we book mostly Disney vacations, we are also able to book your travel anywhere in the world and we have many experts in destinations such as Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and Cruises around the World. Let us take the hassle out of your next trip!

6. What if there is a promotion? Will you book that or add it to my trip?
Yes! Typically, we receive information on upcoming promotions prior to the general public. Our agents will call to add promotions to your trips if they meet the promotion requirements. One of our goals is to ensure you receive the most value at the best price for your vacation!

7. Have all of your agents been to Disney? How about the other destinations?
One of the requirements to becoming a Travel Agent with Tiggerific Travels is to have several Disney vacations under their belt. ALL of our agents have been to at least one of the Disney parks several times. We also have first-hand experience with many of the other Disney destinations and are excited to share our knowledge with you!

8. Does Tiggerific Travels work with groups?
Yes! We love working with groups and can often book better prices for groups booking at least ten rooms. Let us help make your next group trip Tiggerific!

9. If I find a lower price elsewhere, will you match it?
While there are a few cases where we might choose to price match, on average, we choose not to match prices. Usually, in order for another agency to offer a lower price, they are either:

  • Cutting into their own hard-earned commission
  • Not revealing to you the taxes/fees/other charges of the reservation that you will wind up having to pay
  • They have a special group rate on that particular sailing
  • OR a combination of any of the above

We work very hard at making your vacation dreams come true, and as professionals, we deserve to be paid for our time. We welcome you to ask about any lower rate you’ve found, and if it is a public offering, we will gladly match it. If the price is lower due to one of the reasons above, we will not be able to match.

We also ask that in choosing between prices, you consider that our agency offers many levels of service that are not often matched at other, sometimes lower-priced agencies.

10. Planning a trip with Tiggerific Travels sounds great and I’m ready to book! What do I do now?

Request A Quote!