by Marisha Gordon

The Top Five Things to Bring on your Disney Cruise Vacation1) Camera! Phone! Whatever you have that takes a picture! There is so much to see on your Disney Cruise. You’ll want to have a camera ready to catch all the memories. Plus you NEED to have a picture of your family with Captain Mickey! I also suggest bringing your laptop or some sort of back up device so you can safely store all your pictures nightly. I use my computer, which I then back up to an external hard drive. You can never be too safe with your valuable vacation pictures!

2) A backpack or day bag for shore days. You need something secure to carry your wallet, camera, sunscreen etc while off the boat and touring the towns. You’ll also need something handy to carry your stuff on debarkment day as the crew comes and gathers your bag the night before. I like a backpack, but whatever you prefer to carry works.

Pirate garb is appropriate on a Disney Cruise, especially on Pirate night.

For the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party, you may want to consider packing your best pirate garb.

3) Formal Wear/Gym Wear. It’s actually kind of fun to dress up on formal night, so throw your little black dress in and enjoy it. Also make sure you throw some yoga pants in your bag as even the laziest of people (ah hem… ME!) will want to do some light walking or SOMETHING after all the endless food you consume. It’s a food party on the ships, so most people will want to do something by day 2 or 3. Be prepared for it all. Fancy to casual and you’ll be set.

4) A nightlight. For those of us who can’t see in the dark (me), or are afraid of the dark (me… or a little kid!) make sure you pack a cheap nightlight in your bag. Nightlights are a great thing to bring, especially in the inside staterooms which are really, really dark without any light. Plus, no one wants the bright light on in the middle of the night when you have to run to the bathroom.

A pile of dollar bills

You probably won’t need this many dollar bills.

5) $1 bills. While you can (and must) charge pretty much everything back to your room, it can be a good idea to bring some $1 bills to tip the porter on shore who collects your bags as you board the ship and for those late night room service runs your server makes for you. They appreciate the tips and it’s always better to have cash for that. Plus, you never know when you might want to tip someone else along the way.

While there are many more things that you can bring along on your cruise these are great tips that you might want to consider for your next Disney Cruise Line vacation.